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When Enzo was a young child, he'd had a pretty happy life. Sure, he never new his mother since she ended file when he was programmed, but everything else seemed rather up. His father, Wellman Matrix, was a respected scientist in the twin city of Mainframe, and his sister Dot, only in her late 1-1's, already owned shares in half the businesses in Mainframe. Enzo himself was a bright, happy boy, with his puppy Frisket. However, one day, as Enzo and Dot were in Mainframe, a massive explosion caused by their Father's attempt to create a portal to another system destroyed one of the cities, deleting almost all of the sprites in the system, and creating the sibling viruses, Megabyte and Hexadecimal. Dot and Enzo were devastated at the loss, but someone else was about to enter their lives.

Bob, Guardian 452 of the Supercomputer, came to Mainframe in hopes of finding Gigabyte (the virus from which Megabyte and Hexadecimal were spawned). However, when he got there, he decided to stay and help the citizens of Mainframe fend off their new viral residents. Bob became good friends with Dot, and became Enzo's childhood idol. Enzo would often follow Bob into the Games or on his many attempts to thwart Megabyte's plans or Hexadecimal's insanity. Also, during one of Enzo's many trips into the Games, an AI sprite named AndrAIa became friends with Enzo. She uploaded a copy of herself into Enzo's Icon, allowing her to leave the game with Enzo so that they could be friends outside of the Game. Enzo thought his life couldn't get much better after this.

However, one day, creatures from the Web began to invade Mainframe. Bob knew their defenses wouldn't be enough, so he was forced to join forces with Megabyte and Hexadecimal. He also gave Enzo a field upgrade to Guardian, fulfilling one of Enzo's greatest dreams. Unfortunately, Megabyte and Hexadecimal weren't to be trusted. Just as the massive invasion was thwarted, Megabyte threw Bob into the Web using one of his devices, and shut the portal out of Mainframe down. Without Bob, only Enzo remained to protect Mainframe. For a while he struggled, having trouble in the Games on his own, and having to deal with Megabyte's propaganda against him. However, after learning how to deal with the games and trapping Megabyte and his army behind a firewall, things started to look up again.

Unfortunately, once again, something went horribly wrong. While in a Game, Enzo, AndrAIa, and Frisket all lost, with Enzo losing his right eye in the process. In order to keep from getting nullified, they all switched their Icons to Game Sprite mode, trapping themselves in the game to survive. They traveled from system to system, game to game, in order to return to Mainframe. Due to the faster rate of time in the games, Enzo (now calling himself Matrix) and AndrAIa (both of whom were now in love) grew up at an extremely fast rate. During their travels, they found out that a Supervirus named Daemon was infecting the 'Net, including the entire Supercomputer. They met up with a Web Surfer named Ray Tracer, who helped them find their way through the Web. They also found Bob while traveling through the Web, who had survived by living as a Web Rider. After making new friends and reuniting old ones, they decided to return home to Mainframe.

Upon returning to Mainframe, they discovered that Megabyte had escaped his firewall, and had devastated the city and took control. After a tearful reunion with Dot, who was now the leader of the underground resistance, they all decided to fight back against Megabyte. After a lengthy and costly battle, Matrix faced off against Megabyte in hand-to-hand combat and won. After sparing the Virus' life, Megabyte attempted to escape the system with a portal to the Supercomputer, but it was hacked at the last minute to send him out into the Web. Even after Megabyte's defeat, Mainframe was on the brink of crashing, and there was little that could be done to stop it. Following Bob's advice, they let the system crash, and let the user reboot the system. Luckily it worked, restoring the system, and making back up copies of everyone who was deleted. Due to an issue with his Icon, however, a back up copy of Enzo from when he was 0-1 was made, and now there were two Enzo Matrixes, leading to numerous weird and awkward situations.

Now that the threat of Megabyte had been dealt with, Mainframe prepared to deal with the next problem: Daemon.

Matrix is a good 6'3" tall (At least, when he's in Milliways. He's only a couple pixels tall in Mainframe), and is built like a tank. He has mint green skin, and messy, dark green hair, and is always unshaven. He has a tatoo on his left shoulder.

Matrix also has a scar over his right eye, which has been replaced with a bionic eye. The center of the eye has a stylized 'M' instead of an iris or pupil, and it often flips around to reveal the targeter sight, which looks like the same stylized 'M', but glows red.

His one good eye is purple.

He dresses in stereotypical action hero attire, with a black 'leather' vest, blue pants, 'leather' combat boots, and fingerless gloves. For a good idea, look here.

Matrix is technically a Guardian, having recieved a field upgrade from Bob during the web invasion so long ago. This means that he is compelled to enter and win games, in order to protect the system he's in. However, due to (what was to him) a lifetime in the games, he has been able to ignore most of the Guardian programming that he has in order to become the person he is now.

Matrix is also extremely strong, having physically trained an extreme amount in order to win games. He posesses superhuman strength, and is able to lift things that a human his size and build wouldn't be able to.

He also posesses Gun, a weapon of his own design. It looks like a cross between a large pistol and a sub-machine gun. Gun has the ability to float in air, and fire independently. Gun obeys Matrix's verbal commands. It can also put target-locks on opponents, which appear as large, red versions of the symbol on his bionic eye.

Matrix's bionic eye gives him many unique abilities. These include magnification, x-ray vision, and others. His eye is also connected to Gun, and can track targets that Gun has locked on to. Matrix can also see from the barrel of Gun, thanks to a camera built in.

T-minus: offlineItinerant Hex: 359735

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No money is being made nor are any copyright infringements intended.

This is done solely for entertainment purposes only.

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